Greg Paton-Ash


 A business to business campaign to encourage food service companies to switch to compostable, Zero Waste food packaging. We want companies to consider their legacy and Leave Behind Something Better.


We‘re pushing the food service industry to switch to compostable, Zero Waste food packaging by giving consumers a collective voice to rally around.


The ECO-Leaf

The ECO-Leaf provides visibility across delivery services, social media, storefronts, and websites.


Filters on Yelp and GrubHub allow users to search for restaurants partnered with ECOProducts.

Twitter & Facebook


The Pledge to Zero

Users can share their pledge across social media or display the ECO-Leaf in their profiles.


Identity Shift

When it comes to renewable products and environmental initiatives, earthy greens dominate brand identities. To give ECO-Products a unique and recognizable appearance, we shifted their traditional forest green to a progressive blue-green gradient.

color change.png

Art Director: Alex King